A Lector proclaims the Scriptures at Mass. Those who wish to be involved in this ministry must be a fully initiated Catholic, in good standing with the Church, of high school age or older; have a clear speaking voice, be confident when reading in front of people and attend Mass regularly. We also have persons who proclaim the Word at Weekday Mass. Training is provided.

Those who would like to Read, are given the choice of which Mass they prefer to attend. The invitation to participate in this ministry is usually done by an announcement in the church and in the bulletin each Fall. Training is provided.  All Lectors are to complete a program of formation. The names of all persons serving in this ministry, are submitted to the Diocese of Hamilton, and in turn receive an official three year mandate (renewable) to serve from the Bishop. At St. Mary's Parish, this mandate is proclaimed publicly at the Masses on a particular weekend, when the time comes for new or renewed mandates to be issued.

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